Our Vending Machine Needs Help!

The morning team (LaDona, Josh, Sara and I) take a little field trip to our first floor break room every morning to grab coffee, water and maybe a snack to get us going at 3:30 AM!!! 

Take a look at our sad vending machine. It's been this way for about a week now. I bring a big unsweetened, lemon-filled iced tea everyday, but sometimes I want a sugary, caffeine loaded Coke. But these days -- the well is dry!

There's a card on the machine... apparently a guy named Ruffino is in charge of stocking it with goodies. I may have to give him a call today. Oh -- and by the way -- the first snack to always sell out? The chili cheese Fritos! Dang those are good!

I know -- these are first world problems, but give me a break... I get up at 1:30 in the morning! #cranky #hungry 

Ted Garcia

Ted Garcia

Ted Garcia is co-host of San Diego's Morning News on News Radio KOGO AM 600 in San Diego. Read more


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