Here We Go Again -- What Color Is Snoopy?

Remember that debate over what color that striped dress was? Well -- we've got our very own drama going on in the KOGO Newsroom. Our intrepid producer, Josh, wore this new t-shirt his wife bought him. It's an homage to one of his favorite films, Alien. Josh innocently said, "I know this is Snoopy coming out of his chest, but why is he yellow? I thought it might be Woodstock". LaDona then said, "Oh, honey, that's not yellow, it's green!" That's when everything spiraled out of control. Our writer/reporter, Sara, sees yellow. I see yellow, but a big caveat -- I'm color blind. Our director, Mike Usher, sees both.

LaDona then amended her choice to chartreuse. I know that's a color but I had to look up the spelling and the definition (it's basically yellow and green).

What do you see? And before you say, "Slow news day?", we are allowed to have a little fun! 

Ted Garcia

Ted Garcia

Ted Garcia is co-host of San Diego's Morning News on News Radio KOGO AM 600 in San Diego. Read more


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