WATCH! Little Girl Falls Out Of A Bus -- Hero Comes To Her Rescue


This is frightening video! An Arkansas Volunteer firefighter comes to the rescue after a little girl falls out of the back of a bus. His dash camera, running the entire time. 

Ryan Ciampoli, a licensed EMT and volunteer firefighter for Crawford county, is seen driving down a highway when the back door of a bus flings open and a four-year-old girl is hanging onto it. She falls to the pavement and the bus continues to drive away. 

Ciampoli immediately goes to help the girl. 

He says she was unconscious at first but started to wake up when he approached her. He picked her up and carried her off the road where he laid her on a truck bed in a nearby parking lot and got to work keeping her conscious and checking her vitals. 

The little girl is recovering. She's expected to be OK.

Ted Garcia

Ted Garcia

Ted Garcia is co-host of San Diego's Morning News on News Radio KOGO AM 600 in San Diego. Read more


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