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Mental Health Crisis Overlooked as CO Shooting is Used to Push Gun Control

Monday’s horrific attack at a Colorado supermarket has brought up the need to address the mental health crisis that is happening in America, but Democrats are using this as an opportunity to push their agenda of gun control.

Police have yet to release a motive, but the suspect’s family told investigators he was suffering from a mental illness, including delusions in which he thought people were following or chasing him. Former classmates of the suspect described him as someone prone to sudden rage who was suspended from high school for a sudden attack on a classmate that left the student bloodied.

“He needed help,” Carl DeMaio stated. “Apparently whatever was going on in his head was severe. So severe it caused him to lash out and kill 10 people,” continued DeMaio.

Now, instead of talking about mental health and all these warning signs, President Biden took to the airwaves to propose legislation to ban more guns. 

President Biden helped pass an assault weapons ban in 1994. That legislation expired after 10 years and now he’s looking to get something similar (perhaps even more restrictive) passed. His proposed legislation would ban assault rifles, high-capacity magazines, and also instate national background checks on anyone who wants to purchase a firearm.

“Unfortunately, none of the proposed background checks would have impacted the ability of the shooter in Colorado to get these guns,” Carl DeMaio stated. “We have the data from a multitude of studies. During the time at which the assault weapons ban was the nation’s law, it had no impact on gun violence in the United States,” he continued.

Colorado is one of the strictest states when it comes to gun control laws. During the time that the Columbine High School shooting occurred, the assault weapons ban was in effect. 

“Real data won’t keep a Democrat President from peddling an agenda. He’s using a tragedy to advance something that may be politically divisive in America,” DeMaio stated. “Half of American may want gun control, but the other half of American want their Constitutional Rights protected. If we disarm the heroes, that’s all it takes for an evil, deranged, individual to do more damage,” he continued.

As we see more and more tragedies occur, it is time we stop trying to push agendas and get to the root of the problem. That problem is the mental health crisis in this country.

Listen to Carl discuss America's mental health crisis and expose the Democrats gun control agenda HERE

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