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Democrat Activist Caught Inciting ‘Racist’ Tortilla Incident at High School

After unsuccessfully promoting Critical Race Theory for months before the Coronado School Board, CRT activists are now using the tortilla-throwing incident to stir controversy and justify CRT implementation.

After the conclusion of last Saturday’s division championship game between Coronado High and Orange Glen High, tortillas were thrown by Coronado students at the athletes from Orange Glen.

The allegation of tossing tortillas is that it was a racist act on the part of Coronado High School students. Videos were posted online and immediately word spread on social media that tortillas were thrown at players from a predominantly Hispanic school by players from a predominantly white and rich school.

It has been described as a one-sided act of hate and racism, and the Coronado Unified School Board voted unanimously to fire their head basketball coach. In addition, Coronado Unified High School's Superintendent issued an apology for the racist behavior before any investigation was completed.

Now we are learning that the real reason tortillas were brought to the game may have been to push a Democrat led narrative. 

“Democrat fringe activists have taken this incident and are now screaming ‘racism’ and demanding that Critical Race Theory (CRT) be taught in all Coronado schools,” Carl DeMaio stated. “This is not the first time that CRT has been brought up in Coronado schools. In fact, it’s been a matter of debate for the past several months,” he continued.  

“These same fringe activists have not been making progress with their CRT agenda and needed something like this, a national and regional outcry, to get what they wanted,” said DeMaio.

An investigation is currently being conducted, but it may take several weeks to get all the facts and details.

“This is not going to end,” DeMaio stated. “No matter what evidence comes out these fringe activists will continue to misrepresent these issues and push Critical Race Theory in our community,” DeMaio concluded.

Listen to Carl give you the 7 facts you need to know about this incident HERE.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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