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Effort to Block Costly Tax Hikes in CA Faces Deadline for Signatures

Reform California is asking for volunteers to collect signatures on petitions to qualify two ballot initiatives to oppose costly tax hikes in California; effort needs 1 million signatures before April deadline.


Californians are being forced to pay the highest taxes in the country, but two proposed ballot initiatives would give the state’s taxpayers much-needed relief as well as protect them from future tax hikes. The only problem? The proposed ballot measures each need nearly 1 million signatures to appear on the November 2022 statewide ballot.

That’s why Reform California is asking for volunteers to help collect signatures. Volunteers can sign up to have petition booklets mailed to them and can attend a series of “signature storms” that Reform California is organizing in the coming weeks.

“We must fight back against the liberal tax-and-spend super-majority in Sacramento and demand tax relief for our struggling families,” said Carl DeMaio, Chairman of Reform California in announcing the signature drive to help qualify the two tax reform measures. 

“It is clear that California’s liberal politicians won’t stop coming after our wallets, so we need to impose restrictions on them using the citizens’ initiative process at the ballot box — and 2022 offers us the best possible environment to win,” DeMaio noted.

The first measure is called the "Taxpayer Protection and Government Accountability Act" and it would close loopholes politicians have exploited in recent years to impose tax hikes. The measure would strengthen the requirement that local tax hikes must receive two-thirds voter approval to go into effect. In addition, the measure would combat false and misleading ballot titles currently used by state and local politicians to deceive voters into voting for ballot items that contain hidden tax hikes.

The second measure is called the "Repeal the Death Tax Act" and it would preserve Prop 13 and allow parents and grandparents to transfer property to their children and grandchildren without triggering a huge property tax increase. 

In addition to being endorsed by Reform California, both measures are backed by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association and a broad coalition of business and taxpayer watchdog groups. California liberal politicians and government union bosses strongly oppose the measures.

“Our polling shows that Californians are sick of the state’s high cost-of-living and would overwhelmingly vote in favor of these common-sense tax reform measures, but our biggest challenge is getting the signatures in time to place these measures on the November 2022 ballot,” DeMaio said.

That’s why DeMaio and Reform California are organizing volunteers statewide as part of an ambitious grassroots signature drive. DeMaio is dubbing the effort the “22 for ‘22” signature drive.

“We’re asking for everyone to sign up today to volunteer to collect 22 signatures from your friends, family, and community to get these two initiatives on the 2022 ballot,” said DeMaio. 

Individuals interested in volunteering to get copies of the petitions mailed to them so they can collect signatures can sign up HERE! 

DeMaio and Reform California are also organizing events where individuals can sign the petition and pick up additional copies of petitions to take home to get additional signatures. RSVP for upcoming events HERE!

In addition to volunteering to collect signatures on the ballot measure petitions, DeMaio is urging all Californians to support Reform California’s overall campaign to stop tax hikes. 

“We have to take action today to make California more affordable for hardworking families — before they’re priced out of California and flee our great state,” he concluded.

Join the Fight: Stop Tax Hikes in California

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