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CA Primary Results: A Bad Night for Democrats

Experts say the Primary Suggests California Could Benefit from a “Red Wave” in 2022; Reform California’s Voter Guide Successful in Boosting Candidates in Key Races 

While votes are still being counted across California, the results already paint a bleak picture for California Democrats. The results also point to a strong showing by candidates backed by Reform California.

“We are thrilled with what we’re seeing in the the results from the 2022 California Primary because they clearly show that voters are fed up with the Democrat Super-Majority that has run this state into the ditch and the voters are saying they are looking to make big changes in 2022,” says Carl DeMaio, Chairman of Reform California. 

Based on initial and projected results, Republicans are on track to advance a candidate into the November runoffs for every single statewide race - a feat not accomplished since the state switched to the problematic “Top Two” voting system. Under state law the top two vote-getters in each race regardless of their political party advance to November runoffs versus the old system of advancing one candidate from each political party.

Results already confirm that Republicans will advance a candidate in the races for all statewide races:

  • Governor: Brian Dahle
  • Lt. Governor: Angela Underwood Jacobs
  • Secretary of State: Rob Bernoski 
  • Treasurer: Jack Guererro
  • Controller: Lanhee Chen
  • Insurance Commissioner: Robert Howell or Greg Conlon
  • Attorney General: Nathan Hochman or Eric Early
  • US Senate: Mark Mueser


In the race for State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Republican Lance Christensen is likely to make the runoff based on vote trends heading into Election Day - as will Denis Bilodeau in the race for Board of Equalization.

“It’s refreshing to see that voters in November will have a real choice in each statewide race - and we have a great shot at winning several of these statewide races,” DeMaio notes.

DeMaio and Reform California say advancing a Republican in each race was not just luck. Reform California promoted its “Plain English” Voter Guide statewide to unite voters in each race. Through an aggressive campaign of text messages, canvassing, digital ads, and volunteer outreach the voter guide received more than 100,000 unique downloads heading into Election Day.

“I’m glad that we were able to unite behind a single candidate and not split the vote in some of these races, and it goes to show that Reform California is a powerful voice for organizing and mobilizing grassroots support where it’s needed,” said DeMaio.

And there was more bad news for California Democrats. In Tuesday’s Primary, Democrat candidates significantly under-performed the 2020 Presidential partisan voting averages on voting in key Congressional, State Senate, and State Assembly races across California. 

In the Congressional races, Rep. Mike Garcia won a convincing majority in his newly-drawn Democrat-leaning 27th District - while incumbent Democrat Josh Harder produced an anemic result in his Democrat-learning 9th District. In the 45th Congressional District that was rated a “toss-up” as of last week, Republicans led by Michele Steel are closing in on a whopping 60% of the vote!

In the State Senate races, Republicans are outperforming expectations in Districts 16, 38 and 40 - all key target seats. And in a surprisingly strong result, Republicans have shown they can now compete for District 34. Unfortunately, in the 4th District that leans Republican, Democrats may have shutout all Republican candidates - although late votes could propel former Rep. George Radanovich into the runoff.

In the State Assembly races, Republicans are outperforming expectations in ALL of their target seats. The biggest surprises are in two seats that Democrats manipulated the redistricting process to capture. In District 40, Suzette Valladares Martinez has shocked observers by winning a majority - and in District 73 Steve Choi is closing in on a majority as well.

Down-ticket local races are also showing strength for center-right candidates and positions - as evidenced by the success of the Recall against liberal San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin and the first-place finish in the Los Angeles Mayor’s race for former Republican Rick Caruso.

DeMaio says the Primary results indicate that a Red Wave could be coming to California in November - if these trends continue.

“California voters usually vote Blue, but with skyrocketing cost-of-living, rising homelessness, an explosion of crime, and failing schools voters are clearly upset and looking for change,” DeMaio notes. “Republicans can indeed make significant gains in California in 2022 if they are disciplined, work hard, and get enough resources to compete,” DeMaio concluded.

DeMaio and Reform California are now pivoting to the general election in November, and they are encouraging Californians to join the campaign today to build on the momentum shown in the Primary so they can flip key seats in the General Election in November. 

Join the Fight: Flip Key Seats in 2022

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