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Prop 31 Limits Consumer Freedom with a Flavored Tobacco Ban: Vote No

Even while California Democrats make it easier for illegal drugs use, they are now backing Prop 31 to ban flavored tobacco in the November 2022 election. Reform California and their voter guide explains the ballot measure in “Plain English.”


For the last decade, California’s liberal politicians have been making it easier for everyone to use illegal drugs. They proudly legalized marijuana and are now establishing so-called “safe” drug injection sites and interfering with police trying to enforce drug laws.

That’s why it is so laughable that these same politicians are now trying to ban flavored tobacco - all in the name of protecting you from putting bad things in your body.

The flavored tobacco ban proposition has been numbered as Prop 31.

Carl DeMaio, chairman of Reform California, says no matter what you view is on flavored tobacco, Prop 31 is pure hypocrisy from politicians. 

“I personally don’t use tobacco and hope people refrain from using it because of the negative health impacts, but this is ultimately an issue of personal choice and freedom,” says DeMaio.

Legislators and supporters of the ban have argued that it would protect children by limiting gateway drugs, but the sale of tobacco to persons under age 21 is already illegal in California. 

“We already have strict tobacco laws, including age restrictions — which should take care of several gateway drug concerns,” says DeMaio.

“And if Democrats really were worried about drug use, perhaps they should stop facilitating illegal drug use across the state,” DeMaio notes.

“It’s hypocritical to attack soft drugs like tobacco but say it’s perfectly okay to use government safe consumption sites to shoot up heroin,” says DeMaio. “We need to shift the focus to cracking down on hard drugs and discouraging their usage — which has led to the current fentanyl crisis,” DeMaio concludes.

Reform California has put together what DeMaio calls a “Plain English” annual voter guide which cuts through the confusing ballot language and clutter and explains your ballot in simple terms. The organization has analyzed Prop 31 and issued the following assessment. 

Prop 31

Official Title: Referendum on 2020 Law that Would Prohibit the Retail Sale of Certain Flavored Tobacco Products.

Plain English Translation: Should California Ban the Sale of Flavored Tobacco?

Prop 31 is a “referendum” or question on whether a proposed state law should be implemented or rejected. State Senate Bill, SB 793, prohibits the retail sale of certain flavored tobacco products and tobacco flavor enhancers. A “yes” vote would uphold and pass the law into effect, banning the retail sale of these flavored tobacco products. A “no” vote would overturn the law and tobacco companies would be allowed to sell flavored tobacco products in the state. 

DeMaio and Reform California recommend a “NO” vote on Prop 31. 

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