Why Are California Republican Elected Officials So Silent This Week?

My daily radio show on NewsRadio 600 KOGO gives me a chance to discuss what is on people's minds each day. Here are three of the top issues this week, but California Republicans are AWOL on each of them.

First, with all the rains state-wide, people think the drought is over, until I remind them the Democrats refuse to build water storage facilities. Every GOP legislator should be on their local news talking about this failure.

Second, there was the shocking announcement that the Legislature wants to shut off access to the statewide gangs database (which has 150,000 names of violent gang members in it.) Gangs are bad, right? Even law enforcement thinks this is a bad idea. Time for CA Republicans to speak out!  Read more HERE

Finally, folks are talking about how concerned they are that California Democrats are willing to lose billions in federal funds just to create a "Sanctuary State". This week the UC Berkeley poll showed a surprising 74% of Californians oppose Sanctuary policies - including a majority of Latinos. The CA GOP? Silent - or worse.

Things in California won't change overnight, but they will never change if California Republicans remain quiet.

The DeMaio Report

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