VIDEO: San Diego Gay Man Blames Beating on Trump – Offers No Evidence

A San Diego gay man says he was attacked by someone “because I’m gay” and now he’s laying the blame squarely at the feet of anyone who voted for President Donald Trump.

Mark Zschiesche Yvonne Lame, who is the owner and founder of Lips Drag Queen Showpalace Restaurant and Bar, posted an emotional video where he informed his followers of the incident. He appears bruised and bloodied.

“So, somebody hit me in the face because I’m gay, and I have never, ever in my entire life have experienced this. And I blame this on Trump.”

While it is indeed unfortunate and outrageous that anyone would assault someone, Lame provides no specific example or evidence that the person who did this to him was a Trump supporter. One is left to conclude that Lame sincerely believes that Trump’s election has stirred anti-gay sentiment.

San Diego police confirmed they received a call about the incident from the North Park neighborhood of San Diego – a traditionally gay-friendly area – but no report was filed as the caller was not there when police arrived.

Since Trump’s election, individuals on the left have claimed there has been a rise in hate crimes but no law enforcement data sets can confirm those claims. Indeed a number of cases of alleged hate crimes reported in the media have later turned out to be made up or unsubstantiated.

 Donald Trump was the first Republican Presidential candidate to commit to defending LGBT Americans in a Convention speech, has released a statement supporting LGBT protections put in place by the Obama Administration, and says he considers “marriage equality” to be a settled issue. To date no anti-LGBT policy has been traced back to Donald Trump.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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