On Women’s Day, Carl DeMaio Thanks His Mom for Making Him a Conservative Leader

Let me be clear on this Women's Day Movement. Liberals think they have a monopoly on speaking for women. They don't. Meet my Mom, who was given 6 months to live but fought cancer for 6 years and was abused all that time by her husband who ultimately left her and us 3 kids 2 weeks before she died.

She fought so she could see her young children through to a sufficient age when they could take care of themselves (18, 14, and 13) - and we did.

What did she teach me? To proudly stand up for my beliefs and do what is right. It is her lesson and inspiration that has allowed me to stand tall despite the awful, vicious, false and discriminatory attacks I've had from government union bosses and Democratic activists over the years.

Happy Women's Day Mom - I love you and you give me the strength to be a conservative leader!

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