Sanctuary Shame: Running List Violent Crimes Committed by Illegal Immigrants

California politicians are passing Sanctuary City laws to shield violent criminals from deportation by the federal government.  Many of the criminals that are protected by Sanctuary Cities end up being released from local custody and go on to commit more serious crimes in the community.

Unfortunately, opponents of Sanctuary City laws are losing the communications war.  Sanctuary City advocates and liberal media outlets are shifting the public debate from the violent criminals protected by Sanctuary Cities to emotional stories of innocent “Dreamers” they want to protect. 

If we want to defeat Sanctuary City policies, we must win the communications battle, says Carl DeMaio – former San Diego City Councilman and host of KOGO’s afternoon talk show.

“It is time we end Sanctuary City policies by putting out the names and mugshots of violent criminals who have been released back into our communities to commit more serious crimes,” DeMaio says.

Hard data shows that illegal immigrants commit crimes at a higher rate than legal residents.  Illegal immigrants account for less than 3% of the population in the US, but account for 13.6% of all offenders sentenced for crimes, 12% of murder sentences, 20% of kidnapping sentences, and 16% of drug trafficking sentences. 

To put a name and face to the crimes, DeMaio has compiled a running list of illegal immigrants who have been shielded by Sanctuary City policies and have gone on to commit heinous crimes.  You can read through the running list below.

You can help stop Sanctuary Cities in three ways:

Add a Criminal to the List: Let us know of ANY violent crime committed by an illegal immigrant in your jurisdiction and Carl DeMaio will discuss the crime on his daily radio show and add it to this list.  Email any crime you are aware of for inclusion on this list to

Sign the Petition: Sign the petition Carl DeMaio is sponsoring to block SB 54 – a terrible law that would make all of California a Sanctuary State! SIGN PETITION

Share this List: Human impact stories communicate better than cold hard facts.  Share this Sanctuary Shame List with your friends!

Sanctuary Shame List – Top 5 Criminals This Week

Rigoberto Arevalo Cubias – Sexual Assault

Cubias is on the run after allegedly sexually assaulting and sodomizing a 5-year-old girl in Fullerton, CA. Cubias has a long criminal record including several DUIs, gun crimes, and burglary.  Had he been deported the sexual assault would have been prevented.   READ MORE

Victor Aureliano Martinez Ramirez – Murder

Victor Aureliano, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, was arrested six times over 15 months for a variety of crimes.  Sanctuary city policies shielded him from deportation, and he went on to rape and bludgeon to death Marilyn Pharis, a 64-year-old Air Force veteran. READ MORE

Wilton Lara-Calmona and Jose M. Lara-Mejia - Murder

Dominican Republic nationals Wilton Lara-Calmona and Jose M. Lara-Mejia were arrested on drug charges and are charged with the shooting death of Mirta Rivera, 41. The Lawrence nurse was killed in her sleep by a gunshot fired through the ceiling from an upstairs apartment where Lara-Calmona and Lara-Mejia lived.  Federal immigration authorities attempted to issue deportation orders for the two several months before the murder, but were denied by a Sanctuary City policy. READ MORE

Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez – Murder

Perhaps one of the more notorious criminals shielded under Sanctuary City policies, Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez murdered Kate Steinle in San Francisco in July of 2015.  The murder happened after San Francisco refused to turn Lopez-Sanchez over for deportation just 90 days prior.  READ MORE

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