Caravan with Carl: Join the Campaign to Stop the Car Tax

Are you ready to “Caravan with Carl” to stop the Car and Gas Tax Hikes in California?

Here’s how it works: Last week our coalition served State Sen. Josh Newman with Recall papers. He was the single deciding vote that led to the tax hikes.

Within two weeks Carl DeMaio will join hundreds of volunteers in driving up to Senator Josh Newman’s Orange County State Senate District to collect the signatures we need to Recall him from office and in doing so tee-up the reversal of the Car and Gas Tax Hike.

Once in Orange County, volunteers will span out to stand in front of shopping centers to collect signatures on the Recall Petition.

As you consider Carl’s urgent request for your help, think about what the Car and Gas Tax hike will cost you personally. Depending on what you buy and how much you drive, on average you will pay five hundred dollars more per year! Volunteering a few hours now will save you lots later.

Carl is planning caravans of volunteers to Orange County on the following dates:

May 11

May 13

May 20

May 21

June 3

June 4

Can you volunteer to be part of these Caravans and help collect signatures?

Sign Up HERE to “Caravan with Carl” and Volunteer on the Campaign to Stop the Car Tax

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