VIDEO - Newman Campaign Bullies Gay Signature Gatherers

“Which one of you '&%$@S!" is the gay?” So begins a stunning video that captures Orange County Democratic Party Vice Chairman viciously attacking gay volunteers on LGBT Pride Weekend simply because they are collecting signatures in the Recall Election effort of Democratic State Senator Josh Newman.

“This outrageous behavior has no place in our democratic process and Senator Josh Newman should be ashamed that he continues to run a campaign that bullies and intimidates volunteers and voters who want him removed from office for his vote to increase car and gas taxes,” says former San Diego City Councilman Carl DeMaio, who is openly gay and was one of the individuals shown on the video being attacked by the Democratic Party Vice Chairman.

“To attack volunteers simply because they are gay is reprehensible!” DeMaio says.

The video was taken on Saturday, June 10 in front of a Walmart in Fullerton, CA where volunteers were working the recall effort. Some of those volunteers simply happened to be gay – a fact that apparently angered the State Senator’s campaign team.

The Democratic official continues for several minutes with a profanity-laced tirade against the gay volunteers, a Walmart store manager, and an elderly Asian woman who simply attempted to sign the recall papers against Newman. The Walmart store manager admonishes the Democratic official for “badgering” the elderly woman and asks him why he is obstructing a “democratic right” to sign Recall petition papers.

At one point in the video, another Newman campaign operative pulls the Vice Chairman away from the table where the volunteers are collecting signatures to attempt to calm him down.

Here is the rest of DeMaio’s statement released after the video was posted:

“It is offensive that Senator Newman and the Democratic Party are targeting LGBT supporters of the Recall and threatening them. 

It is both arrogant and offensive for a Democratic leader to suggest that, unless you toe the Democratic Party line, you are unwelcome in the LGBT community. Democratic politicians do not get to say who is LGBT or not. Being LGBT is not a choice – we are born this way. But we do get to choose our political party and which issues and candidates we want to support or oppose and that is exactly what the gay volunteers in the Recall against Senator Josh Newman are doing. They oppose the higher gas and car taxes that Senator Newman has voted for and simply want him removed from office before he raises more taxes on working families.

For a party that preaches tolerance and diversity, this Democratic leader is showing intolerance and is resorting to bullying tactics to force conformity of political thought. 

We call on both Senator Newman and the Vice Chairman of the OC Democratic Party to apologize immediately and promise to discontinue any bullying or intimidation tactics for the remainder of the Recall process.”

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Fox News: Dem Official Threatens Gay Signature Gatherers in Recall


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