Help Fight the Sanctuary State Law: Join Carl DeMaio's Efforts

KOGO’s Carl DeMaio and a coalition of concerned San Diego citizens are urging the Board of Supervisors of San Diego County to join other cities and counties in California in filing a legal challenge to overturn SB 54 the Sanctuary State Law.

“The Sanctuary State law in California threatens our public safety by tying the hands of local law enforcement in an effort to shield dangerous criminals from being deported,” says DeMaio.

In an interview with County Supervisor Dianne Jacob DeMaio got a commitment that the County Board would take the issue up at its April 17th public meeting. Listen to the full interview below!

Help take action to get the County Board to file a legal challenge against the Sanctuary State law!!

Call and Email the Board Members Today!!Tell them you want San Diego County to oppose the Sanctuary State law by filing a legal challenge immediately.

Kristin Gaspar: 619-531-5533

Dianne Jacob: 619-531-5522

Bill Horn: 619-531-5555

Greg Cox: 619-531-5511

Ron Roberts: 619-531-5544

Join Carl DeMaio at the April 17th Hearing!

We need a huge turnout of individuals who will speak before the County Board.

April 17th at 9am (arrive by 8:30am to get through security)

County Administration Building

Board Meeting Room

1600 Pacific Coast Highway, San Diego 92101

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Listen to the Interview BELOW!

You can read more on the issue here

The author of SB54, Kevin de Leon who is now running for a Senate seat, responded to the move via Twitter. See below. 

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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