San Diego Sheriff Weighs in On Sanctuary State Controversy and CCW's

San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore says he'll stay neutral on the question of whether San Diego County should join a federal lawsuit against SB54, the sanctuary state law. 

In a closed session meeting scheduled for next month, County Supervisors will consider whether to join the Trump administration's action against the state's sanctuary policy. Earlier this week, County Supervisors in Orange County voted in favor of joining the fight.

Sheriff Gore, in an interview during The DeMaio Report, told Carl he isn't happy with SB54 but, accepts it as the law of the land.

(You can join The DeMaio Report's fight against the sanctuary law. Click HERE to find out how) 

On the issue of concealed weapon permits, Sheriff Gore told Carl he believes there's a misconception regarding his stand on the issue. He says his department doesn't arbitrarily deny requests but follows California law and requires applicants to show good cause.

Sheriff Gore is currently running for reelection. His opponent in the race is San Diego Sheriff Commander Dave Myers. 

Listen to the complete interview, BELOW.

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