Carl DeMaio Outlines His Plan to Fight for California

Since the disappointing November election results many have been asking me “What do we do now to fight to save California?”

We certainly will be addressing this question in many ways each day on air from 3-6pm on NewsRadio 600 KOGO.

I’m also inviting our listeners to not just get informed on the issues, but to TAKE ACTION.

My political action committee, Reform California, has released its 2019 Strategic Plan and you are invited to be part of it.

The full set of initiatives of we are proposing for 2019 are detailed on our website at but here’s the short summary version: to save California we must not only take on the liberal Super-Majority in Sacramento, we must also take on the mess that has become the California Republican Party. They are worthless in their current condition.

Simply put: Reform California must become the singular voice of opposition – and work to rebuild our coalition to include not only the CAGOP but a wide-range of other groups.

We have three strategies – that I’m calling the 3 Ms – Message, Money, and Machinery.

Strategy 1 - Message: Define the CA Reform Agenda and Endorse a slate of Reform Candidates

The Left won in November and defeated candidates because they all were a united team and all on one singular message surrounding Trump. The Right had a chance to run on Prop 6 Gas Tax Repeal and failed to unite.

In the 2020 cycle, we must unite a slate of Reform Candidates who all run on the same Reform Agenda which addresses cost-of-living, safety, and accountability.

While our Reform Agenda will touch on several issues, I’m pleased to announce that the Gas Tax Revolt will be the priority centerpiece of that agenda. Think of what has been happening in France with the Gas Tax Revolt – and let’s work to build that same level of public uprising in 2020.

We are working on re-filing our Gas Tax Repeal ballot measure along with a companion ballot measure to remove politicians from the assignment of the ballot titles on citizen’s initiatives (which as you know was the reason Prop 6 failed.)

Strategy 2 – Money: Raise the Funds to Support Reformers and Defeat the Super-Majority 

Politicians only care about one thing: keeping their jobs. We considered a Recall Strategy, but with the 2020 Primary moved up to March, the timeline simply does not work. That’s why we must raise the funds to target a handful of them for defeat in 2020. By defeating them we send the message that their policies are out-of-touch. We will be announcing a list of targets soon and I’d like any input you have on that.

More importantly, we must DRAIN THE COFFERS of the politicians.

That’s why I’m pleased to announce a campaign to help government employees opt-out of paying union dues pursuant to the Janus Decision at the Supreme Court. By reducing the number of dues-paying government union members, we cut down on the cash advantage currently held by corrupt politicians who raise our taxes and expand the size of government.

Strategy 3 – Machinery: Improve how Reformers run their campaigns and demand election integrity 

From ballot harvesting to bad campaigns, the forces of good are hampered each election. We cannot accept mediocrity any longer. It is time the forces of good step up their game.

Reform California won a lot of praise for how aggressive we were in qualifying and passing the Recall against Sen Josh Newman and how we qualified and ran the Prop 6 Gas Tax Repeal campaign on a shoe-string budget. We want to share our tools and techniques with candidates we endorse.

Running good campaigns is meaningless without ballot and election integrity. That’s why I’m pleased to announce we are launching a Voter Verification Audit campaign to clean up the voter rolls and provide the basis for a federal voting rights lawsuit for any irregularities we find.

The next steps – will you help?

This is a summary of a far more extensive program we have outlined on the Reform California website. I hope you have time to review and comment on our programs as we talk about the issues each day on air. We MUST work together to fight for California.

Remember this key fact: No one will ride in to save us. It is up to our movement to save California. Will you join me?