DeMaio Report: 2020 Election Contest

Think you have your finger on the pulse of the voters? Enter the DeMaio Report’s 2020 Election Contest

The 2020 Election is down to the wire and polls are sending all sorts of conflicting signals for national, state and local races. Are you smart enough to see through the noise to understand where voters will land? 

Enter the DeMaio Report 2020 Election Contest!

The contest asks you to make 10 predictions about the outcome of several high profile races nationally and in California. In case there is a tie in these first 10 prediction questions, we also have two “tie-breaker” questions. The winner will receive a prize and will be interviewed on air so they can show off their powers of political clairvoyance.


Contest Rules: One submission per person allowed. If multiple submissions are received, only your first submission shall be used for the contest. Contest submissions must be received by noon on November 3 using the electronic submission form link above. This contest is not sponsored by I-HeartMedia. Contest winner will be determined by Carl DeMaio using official election results as tabulated by the governing authority in each race. Employees of I-Heart Media, Inc are not eligible to participate in this contest. 

** Photo Credit: Getty Images