Carl DeMaio Blasts Wasteful Spending in Covid 19 Bill

Congress rushes to pass huge $900 billion dollar, “pork-filled,” Covid-relief bill that is filled with so much wasteful spending, it needs to be vetoed by President Trump

There has been a heated debate over a second relief bill from Congress since July. While Republicans were trying to negotiate, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats have been unwilling to give up an inch on their initial, bloated, $3 Trillion dollar bill that had little to do with the pandemic. 

Now that the election is over, it appears the Democrats are willing to move because a deal was finally made. This time, it’s a relief package worth $900 billion dollars.

What’s in the massive $900 billion dollar relief package? First, They are giving every American making less than $75k/year a $600 check. Then, $300/week will be added to unemployment benefits for the next 11 weeks. But that only adds up to around $360 Billion dollars, leaving $540 Billion left to distribute. Where does this money go you ask?

Aid for Sudan, bailouts for the media, funding for the Arts, New computers for the IRS, and 3-martini lunches are among just a few of the items of wasteful spending that was jammed into this bill. 

Carl DeMaio bluntly points out that the American people are borrowing money against themselves, and that “for every $5 dollars they had you borrow, the special interest politicians kept $3 bucks for themselves. And that $2 dollars that they are ‘giving’ to the American people, should have been reformed to a needs test.”

The bill was nearly 5,600 pages and it would have been impossible for Congress to have read the bill in its entirety to see all the garbage that was hidden inside of it. “They intentionally make these pork-laden bills over 5,000 pages so you can’t find the junk they hide inside before they vote on them,” DeMaio Stated. “President Trump should veto this thing as soon as it hits his desk,” he continued.

Click on the link below and listen to Carl blast the wasteful spending in this “relief bill.”

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Carl DeMaio Blasts Wasteful Spending in Covid 19 Bill