Carl DeMaio Responds to Nathan Fletcher’s State of the County Speech

Nathan Fletcher did his best to sound like an ambitious leader and unifier, but his State of the County speech was filled with divisive statements that contradicted his own words.

Fletcher gave a 40-minute speech from the county’s emergency medical operations center. The speech seemed to focus mostly on the County’s Covid-19 response, but also included San Diego’s shift to increase union jobs, fight climate change, and work with illegal immigrants. In addition, Fletcher made sure to spotlight what the Board of Supervisors has recently voted San Diego’s newest health crisis... racism. 

“He’s a mini Gavin Newsom and I had to say something in the interest of public awareness,” said Carl DeMaio in response to Fletcher’s “new progessive agenda.” 

“There is a huge shift and there are big changes happening in the County. They should really scare you,” DeMaio stated. “Two weeks ago he was calling Republicans who joined-in on the recall efforts ‘Nazis and White Supremist, now he is asking for faith and trust? Nathan Fletcher has no desire for healing and unity with those who disagree with him,” DeMaio continued.  

Listen to Carl breakdown more of Fletcher's divisive words and the rest of the elements of his frightening progressive agenda HERE

**Photo Credit: Getty Images