Is There an Epidemic of Hate Crimes Targeting Asian Community Members?

At a hearing on Capitol Hill yesterday, Democrats seem to be advancing the narrative that there is a massive epidemic of hate crimes targeting Asian Americans.

As Californians, we take pride in our diverse population and have built our identity from bits and pieces of all of the different cultures that make up our State. The large Asian-American population in California is a big part of that pride and diversity.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t always been that way. 

“We are home to a state that has had problems in the past in its treatment of Asian Americans,” Carl DeMaio stated. “There has been a sad chapter in our history, but we thought that chapter was long gone and over,” DeMio continued.

The horrific events that have recently played out in Atlanta have brought the State’s past problems (as well as possible new ones) to the forefront.

Now, just days after an Atlanta-area shooting left eight people dead, the majority of whom were Asian Americans, Congress held a hearing on anti-Asian violence for the first time in more than 30 years. That hearing was centered on a surge of anti-Asian American hate and violence during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The question is, does the data support the claims of a rise in anti-Asian American hate?

“The answer is… we aren’t so sure yet,” DeMaio stated. “The evidence so far is all anecdotal, but Democrats don’t ever let data and facts get in the way of using a national tragedy to reinforce a narrative and that seems to be happening here,” he continued. 

“All crimes are bad. Any harassment, bullying, violence, attacks, smears, slurs…Any and all crimes are bad and should not be tolerated,” stated DeMaio. “There is no place for racism in our society and it must be condemned wherever we see it! However we have to understand that racism has been (and is being) politicized. There is a real problem of racism being used as a political weapon,” DeMaio continued. 

DeMaio went on to point out that this anecdotal evidence is quite concerning and we should take note, but the problem with this anecdotal evidence is that it’s not adding up with the statistical evidence. 

Listen to Carl give you the data and uncover the possible Democrat narrative HERE