Sam Gallucci Announces Candidacy for California Governor

A new Republican candidate announced he’s running for Governor as a report provided to the Recall Gavin Newsom campaign last Friday evening by the Secretary of State confirms that the recall will almost certainly qualify. 

As Counties around the State send in their tallies of signatures, they are saying they have an 82-percent validity rate. If that validity continues, there will be more than the 1.5 million signatures required to trigger a special election.

Now, with those numbers being released, a new Republican candidate is entering the race for the Governor’s seat. 

This candidate is pretty unique. He’s not a career politician. He's an entrepreneur and a businessman in the tech community. He was the Vice President and General Manager of PeopleSoft’s CRM division and was part of its sale to Oracle for an outstanding 10.3 billion dollars.

His name is Sam Gallucci.

He is now a pastor at Embrace Church in Oxnard, California. They provide transitional living assistance for at-risk women and children, emergency shelter for individuals who are homeless, and also helps migrant field workers and their families. 

“He would be a tough person for the Democrats to bad mouth,” Carl DeMaio stated.

“I’m a 60-year resident of California and I care deeply about California,” Sam Gullucci stated. “I believe my work experience makes me the most qualified to reach across the aisle (which we need to do as Conservatives) and bring Independents and Democrats together with Conservatives to solve the issues that matter most,” Gallucci continued.  

Gallucci went on to say that he wants “to make California the place it was” when he came here. “The Greatness of California… let’s bring it back,” Gallucci continued.

“He has a very compelling resume,” said DeMaio.

As the field of candidates continues to grow, will Sam Gallucci end up being the dark horse candidate for the Republicans? 

Listen to Sam Gallucci announce his run for Governor on the DeMaio Report HERE