VP Harris to Handle Border Crisis as She Laughs Off the Issue

President Biden has chosen Vice President Kamala Harris to oversee the crisis at the border a day after she laughed off the issue of visiting and addressing the problem.

Despite Democrats wanting to call it a challenge and proclaim everything is under control, it’s clear we are seeing a crisis at the border. This should alarm every American, but the Biden administration doesn't seem very concerned. In fact, when Kamala Harris was asked about visiting the border, she laughed off the question.

Kamala Harris held the top law enforcement job in California when she was attorney general and never seemed to indicate that she considers the border a problem or concern. However, she did take time to attack those who protect our national security. In 2018, Harris indicated she was in favor of decriminalizing illegal border crossings and sparked backlash when she compared ICE to the KKK.

Now she’s been put in charge of overseeing the crisis that’s building at the border. Joe Biden even stated that Harris is “the most qualified person to do it.”

“Joe Biden showed exactly how tone-deaf he is and how he doesn’t really understand the issue of credibility,” Carl DeMaio stated. “Not only do we need to call out Biden for appointing Kamala Harris to oversee a problem she laughs about, but also because he’s blaming Trump for this crisis,” he continued.

The President of Mexico is saying the massive amounts of immigrants traveling through Mexico and attempting to pour into America is because of President Biden’s words, policies, and actions. Meanwhile, Biden is busy pointing blame to former President Donald Trump . 

The number of people crossing the border continues to increase at an exponential rate. Now, due to Biden’s policies, we are looking for places to house them and the cost that will be passed on to American citizens is going to be astronomical. 

Listen to Carl blast Biden, Harris, and the Democrats lack of concern about the border crisis HERE