School District Uses Tax Dollars to Tell Staff Who To Support Politically

San Diego Unified School District forces teacher and staff to attend controversial training class in how to combat racism that urges them to politically support certain “policies and leaders”

Yet another government agency is drawing fire for forcing staff to attend politically-biased and controversial training programs funded by your tax dollars. The San Diego Unified School District held a training called “Talking About Race - Starting the Conversation.”

Whistleblowers who were forced to take the training and were offended have provided copies of the slides - but indicated the instructor’s verbal presentation went far beyond even the materials on the slides.

After establishing everyone’s “preferred personal pronouns” the trainer went on to present slides that assumed that every institution was “racist” and anyone who denies institutional racism or deny their own racism is proof that the person is in denial and living in “a fear zone.”

The training claims that you are racist either by committing racist acts or simply through your “inaction.” So you are guilty if you do something and you are guilty if you do nothing.

The training then prescribes a good way to get to the “Growth Zone” to become a full Anti-Racist is to “promote and advocate for policies and leaders that are Anti-Racist.”

Several staff who attended the training felt very offended by the suggestion that the school district was implying guidance on who they should be able to politically support. While the training seems to be carefully crafted to not overtly cross into express advocacy on politics, staff who attended the session claim the message was clear and unmistakable.

“Here we have yet another offensive training class that staff are being coerced into attending and taxpayers are being forced to pay for,” said Carl DeMaio who released the full set of slides to the public that were provided to him by whistleblowers. 

“So-called ‘woke’ government officials are doing nothing to bring unity to our society and instead of offending their employees and creating a hostile work environment that promotes racial division,” DeMaio concluded.

**Photo Credit: Getty Images