Biden Admin Putting Immigrants in Country Club Hotels at Taxpayers’ Expense

Last week, national headlines were made when migrant children at the San Diego Convention Center got in-person schooling weeks before American children. Now comes news that the Biden Administration is putting illegal immigrants up in hotels at Country Clubs in Southern California - all at taxpayers’ expense.

The makeshift shelter at the San Diego Convention Center just received another 200 illegal immigrant girls on Monday, which means it is now nearly at full capacity. Now, due to ever-growing surge at the border, the Biden Administration has decided to send illegal immigrants to country clubs hotels and taxpayers are going to foot the bill.

The illegal immigrants are being housed at the Barbara Worth Country Club in Holtville, CA, near Imperial County.

Local media reports quote the manager of the Wyndham Resorts-run hotel at the country club as confirming that 30 rooms are being occupied by individuals from Syria, Brazil, and Russia, just to name just a few.

“Everywhere you turn you see another element of this border surge that is a slap in the face to taxpayers and citizens alike,” Carl DeMaio stated.

DeMaio opposes any plan to find housing for migrants within the US and says it only shifts the burden of Biden’s failure to secure the border to local communities such as San Diego that are already struggling with the economic impacts of Covid-19.

Local reports quote a social services manager confirming that many of the migrants at this hotel are Covid-19 positive and are now in quarantine, but the total number has yet to be disclosed.

The country club hotel rooms are being paid for by the California Department of Social Services with expectation that these costs would likely be charged back to the federal government. 

The costs to US taxpayers of these housing programs can be higher than market rates for hotel rooms. DeMaio estimates the cost to house migrants for a month at the hotel would be around $5000-$7500 per person per month when accounting for ancillary services now being provided by a state-funded social service organization. However, that would be considered a discount from the $10,000-20,000 figure per month per migrant at the San Diego Convention Center.

DeMaio warns that San Diego won’t be the last US city saddled with the burden of housing illegal immigrants. “Unless we secure the border, this Biden-induced humanitarian crisis will only get worse and you can expect to see busses packed with illegal immigrants arriving in more cities looking for places to house them - including country club hotels,” he concluded.

Listen to Carl give you the details on what’s happening with the housing of illegal immigrants HERE

**Photo Credit: Getty Images