Newsom Looks to Slow Support for Recall with Reopening Announcement

Governor Gavin Newsom announced that California could return to normal as early as June 15th because coronavirus cases are continuing to decline and vaccinations have continued to increase. 

Governor Newsom delivered the news that his colored-tier system could vanish by June 15th with the expectations that Californians would be forever in his debt for getting us back to normal. However, not everyone is buying his reasoning for reopening the State. 

“He’s expecting all of us to be excited about the news and be thankful and grateful to him, but we shouldn't be living under this color-coded scheme in the first place,” Carl DeMaio stated. “This is like an arsonist who set your town ablaze and is now saying he would like to become a firefighter to help put the fires out,” DeMaio continued.

But, why 10-weeks? Why not just lift all the lockdown restrictions right now?

The full reopening is contingent on two things: that California’s COVID-19 vaccine supply is sufficient for anyone ages 16 and over who wish to receive the shot and that hospitalization rates remain stable and low.

“This is not a done deal,” DeMaio warned. “Do you remember 15-days to flatten the curve? How did that work out for California?” DeMaio asked. 

Governor Newsom claims that he came to the decision to set a reopening date due to the data he’s reviewed and by following the science. However, the newest CDC guidelines and protocols seem to contradict many of the things that Newsom is saying. 

Could the Recall efforts be the reason behind this sudden change of heart from Gavin Newson?

Listen to Carl explain why Newsom is really making this announcement HERE

**Photo Credit: Getty Images