Verified: Grassroots Campaign Forces Recall Election Against Gavin Newsom

The office of the Secretary of State notified Californians that the grassroots campaign to remove Governor Gavin Newsom has met the state's threshold with enough validated signatures to force a recall election.

A recall effort against Governor Gavin Newsom was led by Californians who opposed Newsom’s draconian pandemic shutdowns, mask mandates, and his immigration and tax policies. 

“This is historic. This is only the 2nd to qualify in California history and only the 4th Governor facing a recall election in American history,” Carl DeMaio stated. “This demonstrates that even in the deep blue State of California, with the liberal media constantly siding with one political party over the other, that people can rise up and rebell,” he continued.

More than 1.6m signatures have been verified, about 100,000 more than needed to force a vote on Newsom. A recall election would likely be held in October or early November. That’s when voters will first be asked whether Newsom should be removed from office. Responses to that question will only be counted if more than 50% vote to recall the Governor. Then, voters will be asked who should replace him. 

The growing unhappiness of Newsom’s job performance is evident in the fact that petitioners collected these 1.6 million+ signatures during a pandemic, which made signature collecting extremely difficult.

“Now the hard work begins,” said DeMaio. “Now we have to mount a statewide campaign to convince voters to vote yes on recall of Newsom. It’s going to be a lot of hard work, but we are all dedicated to doing it,” DeMaio concluded. 

Listen to Carl breakdown what tactics Newsom and the Democrats might use to stop the Recall HERE