California Democrats Use Convention to Stay on Recall Message

The California State Democrat Party Convention was a display of message discipline as speakers showered praise on Governor Gavin Newsom and made it clear that they believe the recall effort is being led only by Right-Wing extremists and Trump loving Republicans.

The convention lineup included a multitude of voices trying to label the grassroots recall effort as an extremist-led power grab. 

“President Joe Biden and I support him 100%,” said Vice President Kamala Harris.

“It is unnecessary, it is opportunistic, it’s a right-wing recall. If these Trump Republicans want to run for governor, let them run when Gavin’s term is up, but don’t put us through all this chaos,” Former Senator Boxer stated.

Even the governor himself criticized the effort as he touted his own response to the pandemic. However, he made no mention of the thousands of businesses that had to close their doors forever or the tens-of-thousands of people still out of work.

“National Republicans and extreme right-wingers, they’re not sitting back, they’re throwing everything they can at their recall power grab, all in the hopes of rolling back all the important progress we have made together,” Newsom stated. “We can’t let them win,” he continued.

Carl DeMaio was not surprised at the message that was on full-display at the California State Democrat Party Convention. “Foul-mouthed, partisan, and (for the moment) united,” DeMaio stated. 

Democrats split during the 2003 recall of Governor Gray Davis, which helped elect Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. The parade of Democrats praising Newsom and denouncing the recall shows that Newsom is determined not to have anything like that happen to him.

However, there are several Democrat names that are being talked about as possible candidates. 

“A billionaire like Tom Steyer or former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa aren’t going to care what other Democrats think if they think they have a shot of winning,” said DeMaio. “If they get in, this no longer becomes a Republican recall, it becomes a recall of a variety of factions upset with Gavin Newsom,” DeMaio concluded.

Listen to Carl explain what Republicans need to do to save California’s future and keep the recall campaign from not turning into a circus HERE

**Photo Credit: Getty Images