Governor Newsom Plays Political Santa Claus with his ‘Comeback Plan’

Governor Gavin Newsom decided he would try to bribe you out of voting for the recall by offering 80% of Californians some sort of subsidy. 

On Monday, Governor Newsom proposed state stimulus checks to help California’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. This is the 2nd round of stimulus checks that Newsom would be sending out, this time he’s hoping to expand the payments from low-income residents to also include middle-class families. 

“Direct stimulus checks going into people’s pockets and direct relief… that’s meaningful,” Newsom stated.

Californians will get $600 checks, plus an additional $500 if they have kids. In addition, Newsom is proposing $12-billion of his $100-billion economic stimulus plan for rent payments, along with as much as $2 billion in direct payments to pay down utility bills.

On Tuesday, Newsom proposed another $12 billion in new funding for new homeless housing in the state in hopes to "functionally end family homelessness" within five years.

"As governor I actually want to get something done. I don't want to talk about this for a decade," he said at a former San Diego hotel that's been converted into housing for the homeless.

“This money will most likely go to politically connected hotel operators to buy their hotels at above market prices (what we’ve already seen here in San Diego).” DeMaio stated. “Newsom will also continue to fund the union-only housing first construction programs that cost 30%-60% higher than private construction. These so-called affordable units could end up costing tax-payers nearly $1-million each,” DeMaio continued.

The stimulus-checks, free rent, free utility payments, and more money being tossed at fighting homeless is getting to happen due to an astonishing $75.7 billion state surplus thanks to soaring capital gains during the pandemic. This money offers Newsom a powerful tool to ward off a recall threat. 

“This is not free money,” DeMaio stated. “This is actually your money that he’s turning around and passing out for his own political gain,” he concluded. 

Stimulus checks for Californians would arrive in voters’ mailboxes not long before recall ballots do this fall.

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**Photo Credit: Getty Images