Things Far From Normal as California “Reopens”

Governor Newsom’s idea of reopening California means continuing Covid rules and a vaccine passport database that will hold the vaccination status of ALL California residents.

Newsom stated that he will sign an executive order requiring all California government employees to wear surgical masks, N95 masks, or double-up any masks made of cloth, unless they are vaccinated and confirmed by the State’s new vaccine database.

“This is how they are going to do vaccine passports,” Carl DeMaio stated.

Newsom will also be mandating that all businesses follow one of three requirements when it comes to dealing with customers. The first option is to post a statement saying that masks are required for all unvaccinated individuals and then let the honor system go to work. The other requirements seem a little more questionable in their implementation.

“Two of these don’t seem to even be legal,” DeMaio stated. “Require everyone to wear a mask, no matter what the person's vaccination status, or to use the vaccine passport database to check the status of their customers.”

In addition to the continued draconian mask mandates for State employees, all children over the age of two are required to wear masks in school and in all daycare settings.

"None of these requirements are based on CDC guidance and all if this infringes on our right of privacy," said DeMaio. “Our healthcare status is now sitting in a State database subject to review by anyone who wants to see it,” he concluded. 

Listen to Carl explain why Newsom’s reopening plans are just a smokescreen for more State control HERE.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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