One of Newsom’s Most Outspoken Critics Enters Race for Governor

Grassroots candidate and one of Governor Gavin Newsom’s most outspoken critics, Assemblyman Kevin Kiley has officially entered the recall election. 

"Over the next 70 days, I’ll fight in every way I can to get our movement across the finish line," Assemblyman Kevin Kiley wrote on Twitter. "We’re in it to win."

Even as he enters the race, Kiley is not shying away from the goal of the recall. He is very clear that his ultimate goal is removing Newsom from office.

"My priority (as everyone’s is) remains to get over 50% on the first question to remove Gavin Newsom from office,” Kiley stated. “After having the chance to talk with literally tens of thousands of people, I am willing to play whatever role I can to give us the best chance of success,” he continued.

Kiley is referring to the two questions that will be on the recall ballot. The first being, "Should Gavin Newsom be recalled?" and the second will ask voters to pick a candidate to replace Newsom. Kiley is hopeful that this grassroots movement will choose a grassroots candidate like himself to be the man who does it.

“I think that he gives grassroots voters someone that they can enthusiastically vote for,” Carl DeMaio stated. “However, he has very little name ID outside of Sacramento and will have a lot of work to do over the next 70 days,” DeMaio continued.

Kiley is one of the most vocal critics of Newsom on social media. His tweets disparaging the governor far outpace the level of engagement tweets from Faulconer, Jenner and Cox receive.

“I think we are going to see a moment of political change like we haven’t seen in California in a very long time,” Kiley concluded.

Listen to Carl talk with Assemblyman Kevin Kiley about his run for Governor HERE.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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