Radio Host Larry Elder Considers Running for California Governor

Nationally syndicated radio host Larry Elder joins the DeMaio Report to discuss his consideration to ‘save our state’ and make a run for California Governor.

You may have heard his syndicated radio program that is currently broadcasted on 192 radio stations or know his voice as a fill-in host on the Rush Limbaugh Show, but now Larry Elder is contemplating a run for California’s top political position.

“I’m inching closer and closer to making a decision,” Elder stated. “The more I listened to people and the more I heard from people, the more I realized how bad off this state is and that maybe I might be able to do a little something about it. Now, I almost feel obligated to (at least) strongly consider it,” Elder continued.

Elder has asked for feedback from his fans on whether or not he should throw his hat in the recall-effort campaign ring. Now, he will take the next few days to decide whether he can do more to help "save the state" on the platform that he has on his radio show or if he thinks it’s better to try and do something to straighten out the state of California as Governor.

In addition to his nationally syndicated radio show, Elder has nearly 1 million Twitter followers and could seriously amplify GOP critiques about Newsom on issues such as homelessness, crime and his handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. Recently, Elder has focused on what he called Newsom’s failures, saying that "everything" the governor has done lately is “to avoid a recall.”

The deadline for anyone to enter the special recall election for governor is next Friday. Elder stated that if he decides to run, the announcement will be made on Wednesday or Thursday of next week.

Listen to Carl talk with Larry Elder about his possible run for Governor HERE.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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