Carl DeMaio and Larry Elder Discuss Next Steps After Recall

In a week since the Recall, the liberal media and the California GOP establishment is arguing the path forward for California Republicans is to "be more like the Democrats." Carl DeMaio wholeheartedly rejects this - and lays out the proof.

One of the first points that Carl DeMaio brings to light is that none of the media columnists have ever supported Republicans and never will. “Taking political advice from them is like seeking spiritual advice from Satan,” stated DeMaio.

DeMaio’s second point is that those offering criticism today from the California GOP establishment (including many elected officials) did not do their due diligence during the Recall and gave only symbolic support. These same folks have presided 15 years of an "honorable retreat" in California rather than a principled fight.

Third, when the media columnists say "moderate GOP," DeMaio wants you to press them for specifics and ask questions. “Should we back tax hikes? Oppose school choice? Support release of criminals? Embrace CRT? Which policies do they want us to ‘moderate’ on?” asks DeMaio. “They won't answer - because to them this is just a talking point,” he continued.

DeMaio’s fourth form of proof that the liberal media and the California GOP establishment is arguing the path forward for California Republicans is to "be more like the Democrats" is by what they REALLY mean being moderate is defined as - not fighting, being polite, and keeping a soft and nice tone as the Democrats and media use a heavy hand to silence critics and punish opponents. DeMaio points to the long-standing efforts to gut our Citizens Initiative and Recall Rights.

Fifth, DeMaio warns people to be careful of the paid GOP consultants that are expressing these views. “They all are being paid retainers from the left-wing candidates that fit their mold of "moderate." For them this is about profit, not principle. For example - the media stories all quote Faulconer operatives,” stated DeMaio.

DeMaio’s final point is that the liberal media and the California GOP establishment say "it is time to change to be moderate." The fact is the California GOP endorsed moderates in every election since 2002! They chose to not back a conservative in 2021 even though the grassroots did. “How about we try backing a conservative for ONCE and see what happens?” asked DeMaio.

Carl DeMaio’s message for those that are realists, “recognize that the Democrats and the media will label ANYONE who opposes their corrupt system as ‘too far-right.’ These people are liars and preserving power justifies smearing their opponents.”

“In closing, California is worth FIGHTING for and yes, taking the criticism, smears, and lies from the media and Dems for trying. Democrats have ruined this state and our ideas can save it. Voters want authenticity and leadership - so let's give them both and not back down,” DeMaio concluded.

Larry Elder joined Carl DeMaio on his radio show on Monday to talk about the recall and what his (and California Republicans) next steps will be. Listen to Carl talk with Larry Elder about those next steps after the Recall HERE!

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