BREAKING:Property Owner Changes Mind on Sexually Violent Predator Placement

“I do not support his placement at my property.”

Property Owner Seeks to Terminate Agreement and Asks Judge to Block Placement of Sexually Violent Predator

Cancellation of Agreement a “Huge Development” in Campaign Opposing County Effort to Place Sexually Violent Predator in Rancho Bernardo

The owners of the property where a Sexually Violent Predator was proposed to be housed in Rancho Bernardo have decided they want to terminate the controversial agreement.

In a letter to San Diego Superior Court Judge Theodore Weathers, Bryan and Ming Zublin asked the judge to rule against placement of SVP Douglas Badger at their property when he considers the matter at an upcoming October 29 hearing. The Zublins say they “no longer have confidence in the representations made by Liberty Healthcare” which is the government-backed agency that negotiated a lease for their property to house sex offenders.

The Zublins also write they “now realize that the risk to public safety associated with this placement is substantially higher than (we were) led to believe.”

Former San Diego City Councilmember Carl DeMaio, who is helping spearhead the grassroots campaign opposing placement of the Sexually Violent Predator, welcomed news of this development.

“It is clear that the property owners were grossly misled by Liberty Healthcare as to the significant risk to public safety that would be created by this placement in a community with so many children nearby,” DeMaio said. 

“I am grateful that the property owners genuinely listened to feedback from the community and, upon learning new information regarding the risks to children, decided to do the right thing in seeking to terminate this contract and asking the Judge to deny the placement of this sexual predator,” said DeMaio.

“We welcome Bryan and Ming Zublin into our growing coalition of opponents to the placement of this Sexually Violent Predators into our community and we ask the public to respect the Zublin’s privacy and acknowledge their valuable assistance in blocking this placement,” DeMaio said.

A full copy of the Zublin’s letter to Judge Weathers can be read here.

The Sexually Violent Predator at the center of this firestorm controversy is Douglas Badger and San Diego county officials proposed to use the Zublin’s property for his placement. The property is located in the Greens neighborhood of Rancho Bernardo which has families of all ages and includes access to the RB Swim and Tennis Club and a number of golf courses and recreation areas where children frequent and attend classes.

Badger is not just any sex offender – he is classified as a Sexually Violent Predator which is the worst classification in the criminal justice system. Badger, who has been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder and sexual sadism, has a decades-long history of sexual assaults dating back to 1974. Badger's victims have been both male and female – and he has shown a proclivity for targeting youth.

DeMaio says despite this positive development the fight is far from over.

“Until we get official word from the Judge or county authorities that this placement is cancelled, we still need members of the public to voice their strong opposition to this placement,” DeMaio noted.

Through October 14 members of the public can voice their opposition to the placement by emailing

For more information on the hearing process, visit:

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