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The 24 Target Seats that Could Shift Politics in California in 2022

Reform California Launches Ambitious Campaign to Recruit Candidates and Win 24 Toss-Up Seats in Effort to Rebalance the State’s Politics

The past several election cycles have not been kind to moderates and conservatives in the state of California. Democrats currently hold every statewide office and a supermajority in the Legislature — effectively making California a state under one-party rule.

With a national wave election possibly shaping up and with the redistricting process shifting the boundaries of congressional and state legislative seats across the state, the 2022 election could bring a sea-change in California politics that could restore some balance to state politics.

That’s why Carl DeMaio, chairman of Reform California, recently announced his organization will wage a statewide campaign to recruit and support quality candidates to run in what he says are the top target seats in California. 

Their target list includes 8 congressional seats and 16 state legislative seats statewide. On top of those 24 seats, DeMaio and Reform California are compiling a list of local target seats (county boards, city councils, school boards, etc.) that could be flipped in each county.

“There’s no doubt that California has been a tough state for center-right candidates to compete in, but if any year is an opportunity year, 2022 offers the best chance in decades to end the Democrats’ extremist policies and one-party stranglehold on California,” said DeMaio. 

“We absolutely must compete aggressively for these 24 seats — and try to pick up as many local seats as possible in 2022,” DeMaio said.

Reform California’s 3-Point Campaign Strategy to Win Target Seats

DeMaio and his Reform California organization are pursuing a 3-pronged effort to win the 2022 elections and restore “sane” government: defining the narrative, recruiting and supporting reform-minded candidates, and demanding election integrity.

The first prong, defining the narrative, is the best way to win toss-up seats according to DeMaio.

“We need to run on three common-sense issues: cost of living, crime, and schools,” said DeMaio. “This is what real voters care about — issues where Democrats have zero defense for their atrocious record,” he continued.

DeMaio and Reform California intend to run aggressive issue advocacy campaigns on these three topics to highlight the differences between candidates in the toss-up seats.

For the second prong, Reform California is actively engaged in organizing town halls, recruiting volunteers, hiring college and high school students for campaign canvassing, and raising funds for ad campaigns to support candidates. 

Third, Reform California will address problems with election integrity through a new statewide “Secure Your Vote 2022” campaign to prevent voter fraud in the primary and general elections while helping voters cast and track their ballots with confidence.

DeMaio said winning most or all of these 24 target seats would represent a “milestone” in shifting political dynamics in California. 

“Winning the congressional seats would ensure that Democrats nationally lose control of the House,” said DeMaio. “For the State Senate and State Assembly, winning our target seats will allow us to be relevant again in Sacramento and stop extreme Democrat policies,” explained DeMaio.

Learn more and join in the campaign to win these 24 target seats.

“The only thing limiting us right now is lack of resources — so we’re urging all concerned Californians to join us in fighting for these 24 target seats by contributing whatever they can today to the campaign,” DeMaio concluded.

The List of 24 Seats - Do You Live in One?

DeMaio said Reform California selected their 24 target seats after analyzing the results from previous elections — including the most recent 2021 recall election. 

US CONGRESS – 8 Targets

  1. CA3 (Placer, El Dorado, Sierras) — R+7 Registration Advantage: Republican Candidates: Kevin Kiley, Scott Jones; Democrat Candidates: Dr. Kermit Jones
  2. CA22 (Bakersfield, Delano, Corcoran) — D+16.5 Registration Advantage: Republican Candidates: David Valadao (inc.), Adam Thomas Medeiros, Chris Mathys; Democrat Candidates: Rudy Salas, Bryan Osorio
  3. CA27 (Santa Clarita, Antelope Valley) — D+10 Registration Advantage: Republican Candidates: Mike Garcia (inc.); Democrat Candidates: Christy Smith, Quaye Quartey
  4. CA40 (Yorba Linda, Mission Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita) — R+7.5 Registration Advantage: Republican Candidates: Young Kim (inc.), Greg Raths, Nick Taurus; Democrat Candidates: Dr. Asif Mahmood
  5. CA41 (Corona, Yucaipa, Coachella Valley) — R+2.5 Registration Advantage: Republican Candidates: Ken Calvert (inc.); Democrat Candidates: Shrina Kurani, Brandon Mosely, Will Rollins
  6. CA45 (Cerritos, Buena Park, Fullerton, Garden Grove) — D+4 Registration Advantage: Republican Candidates: Michelle Park Steel (inc.); Democrat Candidates: Jay Chen, Joseph Cho
  7. CA47 (Newport Beach, Irvine, Laguna Beach) — R+0 Registration Advantage: Republican Candidates: Scott Baugh, Errol Webber, Amy Phan West, Brian Burley; Democrat Candidates: Katie Porter (inc.)
  8. CA49 (South Orange County/Northwestern San Diego) — D+0 Registration Advantage: Republican Candidates: Brain Maryott, Lisa Bartlett, Christopher Rodriguez; Democrat Candidates: Mike Levin (inc.)

Get More Information: Win Target Seats in California

STATE SENATE – 6 Targets

  1. SD4 (Placer, El Dorado, San Joaquin, Fresno) — R+4.5 Registration Advantage: Republican Candidates: Michael Gordon, Jeff McKay; Democrat Candidates: TBD
  2. SD6 (Roseville, Citrus Heights, Arden, Galt) — R+2.5 Registration Advantage: Republican Candidates: Roger Niello; Democrat Candidates: TBD 
  3. SD16 (Bakersfield, Hanford, Visalia) — D+12 Registration Advantage: Republican Candidates: TBD; Democrat Candidates: Imelda Ceja
  4. SD36 (Cerritos, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Dana Point) — R+3.5 Registration Advantage: Republican Candidates: Janet Nguyen; Democrat Candidates: Kim Carr
  5. SD38 (South Orange County, Encinitas, La Jolla, Mission Beach) — D+3 Registration Advantage: Republican Candidates: Matt Gunderson; Democrat Candidates: Catherine Blakespear, Joe Kerr
  6. SD40 (East County San Diego and San Diego north of Hwy 52) — R+2 Registration Advantage: Republican Candidates: Brian Jones; Democrat Candidates: TBD

Get More Information: Win Target Seats in California


  1. AD7 (Citrus Heights, Folsom, Rancho Cordova) — D+3 Registration Advantage: Republican Candidates: Josh Hoover; Democrat Candidates: Ken Cooley (inc.)
  2. AD33 (Hanford, Pixley, Porterville) — R+1 Registration Advantage: Republican Candidates: Devon Mathis (inc.); Democrat Candidates: Jose Sigala
  3. AD40 (Santa Clarita, San Fernando Valley) — D+11 Registration Advantage: Republican Candidates: Suzette Valadares; Democrat Candidates: TBD
  4. AD47 (Coachella Valley) — D+3 Registration Advantage: Republican Candidates: Greg Wallis; Democrat Candidates: Christy Holstege
  5. AD59 (Yorba Linda, Chino Hills, North Tustin) — R+9 Registration Advantage: Republican Candidates: Phillip Chen; Democrat Candidates: TBD
  6. AD63 (Norco, Menifee) — R+6 Registration Advantage: Republican Candidates: Clint Lorimore, Bill Essayli; Democrat Candidates: TBD
  7. AD70 (Garden Grove, Fountain Valley) — D+2.5 Registration Advantage: Republican Candidates: Tri Ta, Kimberly Ho, Ted Bui, Emily Hibard; Democrat Candidates: TBD
  8. AD72 (Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Aliso Viejo) — R+7.5 Registration Advantage: Republican Candidates: Diane Dixon; Democrat Candidates: Judie Mancuso
  9. AD74 (South OC/Oceanside) — R+2 Registration Advantage: Republican Candidates: Laurie Davies (inc.); Democrat Candidates: Chris Duncan, Laurie Girand
  10. AD76 (San Marcos, Escondido, Rancho Bernardo) — D+3.5 Registration Advantage: Republican Candidates: Kristie Bruce-Lane and June Cutter; Democrat Candidates: Brian Maienschein

Get More Information: Win Target Seats in California

Photo Credit: Reform California

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