CA Democrats Caught Making Covid Policies Based on Polling, Not Science

After insisting that they are the party of science and only make policy based on public health data, California Democrats caught polling the public on what their Covid policies should be. 

California Democrats are worried that they have lost Covid-19 as a political issue - so worried that they are conducting an extensive statewide poll of voters to see what Covid policies they should embrace going forward. Critics say it is proof that Democrats aren’t following the science but instead are playing politics.

The Democrats’ survey innocuously asks online participants if they would “take a moment of time” to participate in a “Survey of Californians on important issues.” The entire survey, however, focuses on Covid-19 and is aimed to determine what Covid restrictions voters would support in California.

One question asked “Which of the following approaches to mask requirements do you support?” Responses ranged from no mask requirements to requiring masks indoors to requiring masks outdoors. Responses also qualified whether the mandates should be “year-round and permanent” or “based on Covid case counts.”

Another question asked “Which of the following approaches to COVID-19 business restrictions do you most support?” Responses ranged from no restrictions to “reducing capacity” and “vaccine mandates for entry.” Even widespread lockdowns were tested!

The poll also explored how concerned voters were about Covid, whether they had contracted Covid, who they trust for vaccine and medical information, how they get their news, and whether they got vaccinated because “it is the right thing to do” or “it was mandated.”

Carl DeMaio, chairman of Reform California, says the survey is further proof that California Democrats aren’t interested in following the science, but playing politics when it comes to Covid.

“In California, the two sides on Covid restrictions have been clearly defined for two years — on one side you have Democrats that want to impose unpopular mandates and restrict freedoms, and on the other side you have Republicans that believe in following the science and respecting personal freedoms,” explained DeMaio.

A Monmouth University poll from earlier this year found that 70 percent of people agreed that “It’s time we accept that Covid is here to stay and we just need to get on with our lives,” which included 89% of Republicans, 71% of independents, and 47% of Democrats.

“Democrats are realizing that Covid restrictions are a losing issue, but with polls like this, you can see that they’re looking to squeeze it for all it’s worth before they’re forced to let go of the idea,” said DeMaio.

DeMaio says it makes perfect sense why liberal groups would be looking to find or whip support for more Covid restrictions: fear.

“Democrats won the 2020 elections by stoking Covid fears in the population, and they did it again in 2021 to win the Newsom recall,” explained DeMaio.

“By making the public afraid of Covid and convincing them that Democrats had the solutions, they were able to hide their disastrous record of inflation, crime, tax hikes, woke policies, failing schools, and more,” he continued.

So what does this poll mean for 2022? 

“Democrats are looking to see if they can bring back Covid fears and use that to win in 2022 — simple as that,” said DeMaio.

DeMaio and Reform California are working to recruit and support reform-minded candidates for the 2022 elections that will fight to stop these mandates coming out of Sacramento, lower cost of living, stop crime, and fix our schools. Join the campaign today to help flip these key seats.

Join the Fight: Flip Key Seats in 2022

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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