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Are CA Republicans Headed Towards Election Disaster or Delight?

The media and Democrats claim that the tides are turning against Republicans for the November election, but Reform California argues that current trends and historical data prove a “Red Wave” is still likely — but only if California conservatives stay focused and work hard.


The day after California’s June 2022 Primary Election, many California Republicans were excited by election results showing that they were over-performing expectations in key target races for Congress, state assembly, state senate, and more.

Could it be that after 20 years of sliding to the Left, California was primed for a course correction? 

The California Primary Election results indeed painted an optimistic picture for the November General Election - something Reform California’s Carl DeMaio documented in a post-election analysis.

As the summer began, Democrat policies nationwide were continuing to cause voters distress through inflation, rising gas prices, failures of foreign policy, weakened border security, and rising crime. California’s voters were suffering from the same policies — but worse. Particularly with crime rates. 

However, in the past 4 weeks, some political observers say they have detected a shift - and point to polls showing a tightening of toss-up races nationally. 

These same observers claim gas prices are coming down slightly and President Biden is racking up “wins” on his policy proposals. And then there’s the overturning of Roe v. Wade by the U.S. Supreme Court that may boost Democrat turnout.

Carl DeMaio, chairman of Reform California, says while polls may ebb and flow, there’s still a huge opportunity for a “Red Wave” if California Republicans work hard and stay focused.

“The same problems that affected voters three months ago still affect voters today: rampant crime, record inflation, high gas prices, rising homelessness, and failing schools,” said DeMaio. 

“If we continue to stay laser-focused on those issues, we stand a great chance of replacing bad politicians with reform-minded candidates in California in November,” DeMaio says.

Moreover, DeMaio says historical data favors Republicans. In 18 of the last 20 midterm elections, the incumbent president’s political party has lost seats in the House of Representatives. In the Senate, the incumbent president’s party has lost seats in 14 of the last 20 midterm elections.

“The issues and history are against the Democrats, despite what the media is trying to make voters believe,” DeMaio explained. 

DeMaio points to recent coverage as evidence that the media is intentionally trying to sway voter sentiment. A recent piece in CalMatters says that California Republicans are “​​Shut out from winning statewide offices,” and an OC Register piece claims “​​Democrats do have a shot at winning … longtime Republican areas” in California. Or, worse, CNN’s claim that November is shifting from a “Republican 'tsunami' to a 'puddle.'”

“Pundits everywhere are claiming doom and gloom for Republicans because of supposed Roe v. Wade backlash,” said DeMaio. “Abortion on Demand is all Democrats have to run on, because they know they have no defense on their record — while we can motivate the broader voter pool with the issues that matter to them,” argued DeMaio.

“The only question is if conservative grassroots activists fall for the liberal media’s narrative that we don’t stand a chance and give up fighting — and I sure hope they don’t,” he continued.

DeMaio is encouraging concerned California conservatives to volunteer and aid efforts to elect reform-minded candidates this November. His organization, Reform California, is targeting 24 “flippable” seats in California and is also leading the charge to block tax hikes on the November ballot.

DeMaio’s group needs volunteers and financial support for texts, ads, mailers, phone calls, and knocking doors in key races. DeMaio also is leading an aggressive election integrity initiative to combat voter fraud and monitor the processing of ballots in each California county.

“We need the financial strength and resources to counteract the Democrat, union, and special interest dollars pouring into key races — and we need your help to compete,” said DeMaio.

“If I do have one concern besides lack of resources, it’s political consultants getting the messaging wrong,” cautioned DeMaio. “If we stick to the issues voters care about, compete financially, and work hard, I’m very optimistic,” he concluded.

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