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Will the Parent Revolt Soar or Stall in California in 2022?

Concerned parents across California have risen up to run for local school boards in an attempt to fix failing schools and toxic curriculums — but do they stand a chance against incumbents and their well-funded special interest backers?


Are you concerned about the rapidly-declining state of the education system in California? Are you outraged by the toxic curriculum Left-wing groups have introduced into classrooms? You’re not alone - and this November’s election could offer a much-needed change. 

Across the state, parents and concerned community members have filed to run for positions on their local school boards in historic numbers.

Now well-funded Left-wing groups are mobilizing in California to keep Left-wing incumbent school board members in office. 

In fact, the latest campaign finance disclosures show union bosses are pouring millions into school board races. On top of that, California’s liberal media has sprung into action to write one-sided hit pieces on reform-minded school board candidates.

Carl DeMaio, chairman of Reform California, a group that has been actively recruiting reform-minded candidates for local school board races, says the parent revolt movement is at a critical stage in California.

“Coming into 2022, we saw parents and concerned members of the community energized to take back our schools from toxic curriculums and failing test scores and finances,” explained DeMaio. 

“That energy is still there, but we now face the power of the liberal media and well-funded special interest government unions that want to keep extremist Left-wing school board members in office,” DeMaio noted.

This year, DeMaio and Reform California launched a campaign to recruit and support candidates for school boards who would respect input from parents, remove controversial curriculum from the classroom, and fix failing schools — which they call their “School Board Reform Initiative.”

Many of the candidates recruited by the programs have been endorsed by Reform California and appear in their annual “Plain English” voter guide at

DeMaio is confident that school board reform candidates can still prevail in 2022 despite the advantages that Left-wing school board incumbents enjoy.

Recent school board election results support DeMaio’s analysis. In February, voters overwhelmingly rejected three controversial San Francisco School Board members and recalled them from office. 

“Even in the Democratic stronghold of the Bay Area, parents rose up in 2022 to oppose extreme curriculum and demand elected officials fix failing schools,” DeMaio noted.

The lopsided vote suggests parents of all political persuasions are seeking change in how school districts are being run, and it may have been just the beginning of a statewide parents’ revolt come November — which DeMaio hopes will be aided by the efforts of Reform California and other groups like Parent Revolt - a group backed by the California Republican Party.

“We desperately need contributions and volunteers to help these school board candidates out,” DeMaio continued. 

“If you want to improve our schools and get the toxic curriculum out of the classroom, the time to join the fight is NOW,” DeMaio concluded.

Join the Fight: Reform California Campaign to Elect New School Board Members

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