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CA Democrats Impose New "Stealth" Tax Hikes as Inflation Soars

Reform California’s Carl DeMaio slams California Democrats for paying “lip service” on inflation while making the crisis worse. DeMaio breaks down the new and hidden tax increases coming to California.


As inflation skyrockets and crushes California working families, the last thing you think a politician would do is make inflation worse by raising taxes right?  

That’s exactly what California Democrats are doing!

Last week, CA Governor Gavin Newsom signed SB 951 to raise the state’s marginal income tax rate by 1.1% to 14.4% - the HIGHEST rate in the country! 

California’s liberal media pitched in to help their favorite political party by suppressing news coverage on the bill. 

That’s why Reform California’s Carl DeMaio calls the move a “stealth tax.” 

“Newsom is raising taxes but the liberal media refuses to even cover the story - but when this stealth tax is charged to Californians it will be real money they will be forced to pay for the tax hike,” DeMaio notes. 

“And this is at a time when inflation is hurting working families across the state and people don’t have the extra money for the tax hikes California Democrats have imposed and still have planned,” DeMaio warns. 

DeMaio describes CA Democrats as “arsonist-firefighters” for creating inflation and then pretending to be concerned about it.

“California Democrats are raising taxes at the very same time that they are claiming to be working to reduce inflation - they are simply fraudsters,” DeMaio said.

It’s not just the income tax rate in California that California Democrats are increasing. On July 1, during the middle of a gas price crisis, California Democrats hiked the state gas tax!

And California Democrats are now backing more than 250 tax hike measures across the state on the November 2022 ballot.

And the tax hiking won’t end with the November election. Governor Newsom has already decided to call a special legislative session to impose a ​​”windfall tax” on oil companies. While the governor claims taxing oil companies will help reduce prices and taxes collected will go back to taxpayers, DeMaio slams the plan as a scam.

“The oil companies will just pass that tax right off onto consumers, increasing the price of gas even more and making the crisis ten times worse,” said DeMaio. 

“And then if that tax money actually does go back to the people — which is unlikely — then it’s just a refund of taxes they already paid and there’s no point to it except to look good and trick Californians,” he continued.

DeMaio and Reform California are not only opposing the tax hikes on the November 2022 ballot, but they are also working to pass a state constitutional amendment in 2024 to limit the ability of state and local politicians to raise taxes in the future.

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