The DeMaio Report with Carl DeMaio

The DeMaio Report with Carl DeMaio

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The Homeless Irony in San Diego

Parents Protest School Curriculum

DeMaio on parents protesting the California Glendale school LGBTQ curriculum.

Migrant Flights to Sacramento

DeMaio on Gov. Newsom threatening DeSantis with 'Kidnapping charges' over the migrant flights to Sacramento.

Homelessness Scam Continues

DeMaio on how the left politicians and left media keeps lying about the homeless issue here in California.

The Pete Wilson Statue Fight

DeMaio on Democrats trying to get the Pete Wilson statue torn down even though it's on private property.

Sales Tax Hike

DeMaio on San Diego politicians backing a 195 hike in a county sales tax.

Housing First Failure

DeMaio talks with County Supervisor Jim Desmond about the failure of the housing first plan.

The Decay of California Cities

The massive corruption at San Diego City Hall. also why La Jolla wants to secede from San Diego city.

Tax on Short Term Rentals

DeMaio on why the tax on short term rentals won't fix tourism.

Taking Free Speech

DeMaio on a free speech tax that is being created to fund propaganda.