Recognizing the Heroes in San Diego

The Coronado Navy SEAL honored by President Trump in his address to Congress wasn’t the only hero this week that we should recognize.

There were a lot of heroes this week right here in San Diego and we saw them in action.

We saw them during the big record setting storm on Monday as they saved lives and performed rescue after rescue.

They are the members of the San Diego Fire Rescue department and other agencies who not only were heroes during the storm but who are heroes every day in our community.

They protect us and they rescue us and they save us from floods, fires and other disasters and accidents.

And on Monday, during the big storm when flood waters threatened lives, they were there doing their jobs and risking their own lives to do it.

And we also have all the other heroes in San Diego who like Navy SEAL Ryan Owens, risk their lives to protect our country. 

All the men and women in the military based in our community who we see deployed to dangerous places all the time. 

And then there are the members of our local police and sheriff’s departments who never know when protecting us can cost them their lives.

And all these heroes, they choose to do what they do.

No one has forced them to put themselves into battle against terrorists or to put themselves in the middle of raging flood waters or blazing fires or violent gang fights.

And just like Ryan Owens, they all deserve to be recognized and honored for being heroes.

(Photo credit Getty Images & 10News)


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