POLL: Feeling Pressured in Mission Valley over 'Soccer City'

The Chargers are now in L-A and a lot of fans have already forgotten them and have moved on.

But at the first public meeting about the new plan for the Qualcomm Stadium site there some comments that may have brought back some bad memories.

It was a meeting of the Mission Valley Community Planning Group where people had the chance to hear the developer of the so-called Soccer City plan make their case for the project.

And the residents expressed lots of concerns about traffic and other issues.

One of the concerns had to do with feeling a bit pressured.

According to a report in the Union Tribune, one of the planning board members said this: “This feels weird because it’s being rushed. To put a deadline on us is disconcerting.”

FS Investors partner Nick Stone was quoted as saying his group was pressed for time on getting the project done because Major League Soccer, or the MLS, has a deadline.

And that if they don’t do the kind of project they’re proposing then “the MLS will not come,”

That had to sound eerily familiar.  When the Chargers made their case to voters for a new downtown football stadium, they had a deadline too, from the NFL.  They too said time was running out and if their plan wasn’t approved, the Chargers would leave. And of course they did.

So you can’t blame the people who live in Mission Valley or those at City Hall or those at San Diego State for being a little cautious about moving too quickly on the new Soccer City plan that would also be a home for the football Aztecs.  Being bruised once, you don’t want to be bruised again.

(Photo Credit 10News)

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