PHOTOS: What We've Learned About the Big Mistake at the Oscars

The big mistake at the biggest moment of the movie industry’s biggest night at the end of the Oscars ceremony last weekend could end up being a big lesson for all of us.

Especially now that we know what happened and that what happened was caught on photos.

The video clearly showing accountant Brian Cullinan holding two envelopes in his hand and staring down at his cell phone moments before the best picture announcement and even tweeting out a photo of actress Emma Stone about the same time.  

And then there was Martha Ruiz whose job it was to have memorized the winners so if something announced on stage was wrong, it was her job to quickly let officials know.  And she didn’t.

The two of them were there to make sure everything went the way it was supposed to go and they apparently weren’t paying attention.

So now they won’t be back at the Oscars ever again and their famous accounting firm may not be back either.

So have they learned their lesson?  And have the rest of us been reminded of the lesson that they should have learned, a lesson that we all can sometimes easily forget?

It’s a lesson that goes way bay.  A lesson we’re first told about when we were young kids and then reminded of over and over again by our parents as we’re growing up.  You remember: Pay attention to what you’re doing.

It was a lesson worth learning when we were kids and it’s worth remembering as adults so we can avoid making even bigger mistakes than what happened at the Oscars.


(Photo credit Getty Images)

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