Foul Mouthed Woman Goes Nuts


I had to include her language because that's what makes this incident recorded on video by a passenger so disturbing.  This woman wanted off the plane and it didn't matter if there were kids on board or others who would be offended by her actions.  

She may indeed have had a medical condition yet some of her behavior, almost smiling at times, does make one wonder that maybe she was using that as a ruse to get off the plane.  But even if in fact she had a problem, this still is not the way you behave. But the most amazing thing about this in my mind is the fact none of the passengers around her, including the two dudes right next to her (one of them taking the video), nor the man right in front of her nor other guys nearby said anything to her. 

They did nothing to tell her to shut up. I certainly would have and I think a lot of people would.  In this incident, it took a woman a few seats away to even say anything to her.  What is that about?  What would you have done? Take part in our poll or leave a comment. 

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