Girl Scouts Targeted With Fake Money

A La Mesa mother is warning others after finding fake money mixed in with the cash from her daughter's Girl Scout cookie sales.

Amy Hayhurst says her 8-year-old daughter Leah and her 7-year-old friend Ruthie were selling cookies at the Vons on Lake Murray Boulevard Sunday.

When she went went to deposit the cash into the bank, the teller informed her that two $20 dollar bills were counterfeit, and they have been seeing a lot of fake money being passed around to various Girl Scout troops around the county.

“I was just so heartbroken for the girls," Hayhurst said. "They worked so hard.”

Tuesday, Leah and Ruthie went door-to-door trying to make up the money they lost before cookie season ends March 12.

"They're targeting Girl Scouts," Hayhurst said. “There has got to be a better way to make a buck.”

Hayhurst says people can donate to Girl Scouts San Diego for Troop 5064.

Photo Provided By Getty Images 


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