Remembering Moms on a Day Without a Woman

If you see fewer women at the office or where you work today, then it may mean they’re taking the day off to celebrate International Women’s Day.

And this year, organizers have designated it a Day Without a Woman,

And taking the day off from work is one of the suggested ways to mark the day that the organizers say is aimed “recognizing the enormous value of women of all backgrounds as to our socio-economic system.”

Now while there certainly will be some women who will choose to arrange to take the day off, there will be other women who will choose not to. And maybe mark the day in some other way.

But there are some women, actually many women, who cannot choose to take the day off, because they have a job they can’t take off, because the job is being a mom.

And when you’re a mom, you’re always working at being a mom.

Now not being a mom doesn’t mean you don’t know something about it. 

We’ve all had or have had moms. Or we may be married to moms or we have friends who are moms.

But of course if you are mom, then you know it is a 24/7 always-on job. 

Stay at home moms know the demands of their job and what it’s like. 

And moms who have another job outside the home know what it’s like.

No matter where they are and what they do, moms are always being moms.  And always thinking about their kids and concerned about their kids and caring for their kids in some way.

So on this day without a woman, let’s remember the women we can’t do without.

(Photo credit Getty Images)

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