Woman Who Impersonated April the Pregnant Giraffe Gives Birth

A woman who impersonated April the giraffe in a viral video gave birth this week and continued her "impression" of the famous animal.

Erin Dietrich, a photographer from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, became an internet hero on March 5 when she donned a giraffe mask and shot a Facebook live video that featured her standing around in her bedroom for 7 minutes, stretching, dancing and doing other everyday things. The video was viewed more than 30 million times.

Dietrich's funny piece of performance art was poking fun at a livestream set up by Animal Adventure Park in New York that shows April, a pregnant giraffe, doing a lot of nothing inside her pen until she gives birth.

The zoo set the stream up on Feb. 22, promising April could give birth at any moment. The video feed has attracted millions of viewers in the weeks since.

On Wednesday, Dietrich posted another live video from inside a hospital room as she was set to go into labor. She wore her giraffe mask and sat up in bed, waving to the camera. The 3-minute video was viewed more than 2.3 million times.

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