POLL: Is Fighting Trumping Politics?

It may be one of the toughest jobs right now.  To be an elected public official.

Just look at what’s happening at all these raucous town hall meetings here in San Diego and all over the country.  They’re designed to give the chance to members of Congress and state legislatures to hear from voters and to exchange ideas and discuss important issues.

What they’ve turned into are shouting matches with angry back and forths and even pushing and shoving and a few fisticuffs between those on one side and those on the other side.

But the gloves came off some time ago when it comes to politics.

One political commentator commented recently that Americans aren’t talking about politics any more; they are fighting about politics and fighting each other.

And there is not just Donald Trump to blame for all this.  No matter what side you’re on when it comes to the President, all sides agree that he does not shy away from a fight.  In fact there are those who are even close to him who say he loves to fight.

In one biography, Donald Trump is quoted as saying his father once told him you have to fight for everything you want.

And there’s a lot of fighting going on.

Elected public officials are facing voters at town halls who are fighting with them.  And politicians are fighting with each other. And even voters are fighting with each other.  All trying to make sure their side wins.

It’s almost like watching one of those Survivor-like reality shows on TV.

(photo credit Getty Images)

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