POLL: Why California Could Stop the Time Change

It’s that time of year again, when the debate over Daylight Saving Time comes back into the light.

A friend of Facebook who lives in Phoenix boasted that he didn’t have to move his clocks ahead by one hour over the weekend because Arizona doesn’t go to Daylight Saving Time. The state stays on standard time all the time.

They decided years ago that because it’s so hot in the summer, it would save energy by not going to Daylight Saving Time.

And in fact a 2008 report from the U.S. Department of Energy said sticking with one time could enough power for one day for 100,000 homes over a year.

 And a 2009 Michigan State University published by the American Psychological Association study showed that Daylight Saving Time has adverse effects on the American workplace, with employees sleeping on average 40 min less after the two time switches each year and they had almost 6 percent more workplace injuries.

So there is talk again now this year of whether California should stay on one time all year.

Surveys have shown people are split.  Some say they like the time changes, some say they don’t like it and some say they don’t care.

So is it time for the state legislature to change the time change in California? Only time will tell.

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