POLL: Betting on Brackets in Washington Can Be Madness

Let the games begin.  And these games are not the college basketball kind.

These are the political games getting all the attention in Washington.

And if you were betting on these kinds of games what might that bracket look like.

In a way, the political games being played now in the halls of Congress are similar to the basketball games being played on the floors of sports arenas.

There are different teams with different ways of trying to win.

There is House Speaker Paul Ryan’s team of Republicans who are seasoned party veterans who know how to play the full court press but also know how to adjust to score just enough points to advance.

Then there is the team led by the so-called Freedom Caucus who will fight for their strong conservative stands no matter what…until they foul out trying.

Then there is the team that shoot their political shots from the White House, the members of the Trump transfers; flashy and non-traditional players who don’t play like players on other teams that have come up through the ranks.  They play by their own rules and also draw lots of cheers and jeers.

And just like in those basketball games, in these political games, each team has a game plan, and a strategy to defeat their opponents.

But a victory in these political games is not a trophy but a health care plan that works better than the one before it.

And if you’re filling out a bracket for these games, it may make you as crazy as March Madness.

(Photo credit Getty Images)

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